Ekaterina Polyakova

Cephalopods from Head to Toe

Flora and fauna are my favorite subjects to depict. The graphic language of nature is incredibly diverse. It inspires me with its inexhaustible number of color combinations, the abundance of shapes, patterns, and textures. When I observe animals, I often want to freeze the movement of the action, grasp the elegant curve of the back or the energy of the jump, capture all the grace and perfection of forms onto a sheet of paper. My passion for animals, together with my natural tendency to organize information, motivated me to write and illustrate a narrow-focused encyclopedia.

In my nonfiction picture book Cephalopods from Head to Toe, I explore various features of squids, octopuses, and cuttlefishes. Based on available biological research, I have documented and illustrated the evolution, anatomy, behavior, and life cycle of these astounding animals. My book describes the lives of cephalopods from various angles, colorfully presenting the information.
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