Carlos Aponte

Tape Recorder

I was born in this metropolis called New York, but my mother moved to Puerto Rico before I could record any visual memory of the city. As I grew up, my mother repeatedly told me stories of tall skyscrapers, subway rides, long winters, struggles, and the hypnotizing lights of Times Square. I painted in my mind a fantastic place of powerful gods and goddesses, monsters, and adventures in an area that was both fascinating and frightening. Then, American films filtered through a small black and white television; her stories began to take real shape. When the film West Side Story was shown in high school, the colorful and graphic intensity of the city started to dictate my artistic inclinations.

I wanted to be part of the vitality of this creative island of many languages. A Parsons brochure became my ticket. New York City did not disappoint. It dazzled me, and it was new and exciting. It was the Emerald City. This unique city was also a place of contrasts, brick mansions, and cardboard shelters coexisting next to each other: the beauty and the beast, the beast, and the beauty.

New York taught me art has many points of view, you learn, and then you develop your own.
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