Andrew Cohen

La Maiden Hurlant

I like to make art because of the sense of meaning it gives me. In a world seemingly absent of purpose, the act of drawing is a solution to that void. From a young age I was interested in worlds of fiction involving extraordinary circumstances and characters. These fictional stories and people emotionally helped me understand my own identity. It was also from an early age that I realized I wanted the power to be able to draw anything and everything I could imagine.

La Maiden Hurlant is a story about personal transformation. It occurs to me that everyone is transforming, constantly, until death, and maybe thereafter. Transformation is by its very nature hard to describe or point out as it occurs over stretches of time, it does not exist in the moment. However, this story is an attempt to document, in an imaginative way, the personal transformation of a person, depicted through a series of timeless moments. Granted, not every image is directly related to the act of transformation. Some serve to provide a historical setting and context of the mysterious events that were integral to the transformation of Joan of Arc.
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